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Full Body Checkup starts from Rs. 1000/-

Nutrient Test

Full Body Health Checkup provides a comprehensive range of tests to check your overall health. Check for any deficiencies, allowing you to make informed decisions about your diet and lifestyle to ensure you remain fit and healthy.


Reliable and Convenient Pathology Services in Navi Mumbai

Are you in search of comprehensive clinical pathology tests that you can trust? Look no further! At PurpleTop Pathology Lab, we offer a wide range of accurate and reliable diagnostic services conducted in-house. Led by Dr. Sneha Chavarkar, a specialist in the field of pathology, our lab is dedicated to providing individuals in Navi Mumbai with access to top-quality pathology services.

 With our lab, you no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of visiting multiple places for your tests. We do all clinical pathology tests right here in our state-of-the-art facility. Additionally, we understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer free sample collection from your home or office in Navi Mumbai. Say goodbye to long waiting times in crowded clinics!

Our commitment to accuracy and reliability sets us apart. We specialize in various tests, including Diabetes, Liver Function, Renal Function, Anemia, Pap Smear, and Semen Analysis tests. You can be confident in the quality and precision of our reports. Plus, we ensure timely delivery by offering reports through WhatsApp or email.

If that's not enough, we have another benefit for you. Our bills are accepted for Income Tax benefits, making healthcare more accessible and affordable. In addition, our customers highly appreciate the free consultation provided by Dr. Sneha Chavarkar, ensuring that you have a holistic understanding of your reports and any necessary follow-up actions.

Experience the convenience, accuracy, and affordability of PurpleTop Pathology Lab. Take control of your health with our comprehensive clinical pathology tests. Call us today to schedule your appointment and let us take care of your diagnostic needs.

Pathology Tests 

Himanshu Sharma

My overall experience with PurpleTop Pathlabs has been nothing short of excellent, and I wholehearted recommend them to anyone seeking reliable and high quality service. 

Medha Kothekar

Home Services are awesome. Accurate readings and reasonable price. 

Minal Furia

Very good experience. The service is professional. The staff are polite. Got the reports in time and they were examined by the specialist.

7 reasons for getting Full Body Checkup

Healthy family - Full Body Checkup
  1. Early Detection of Health Issues: Regular Full body checkups can help in the early detection of potential health issues. Many diseases and conditions can be asymptomatic in their early stages. Detecting these conditions early allows for timely intervention and management.

  2. Preventive Healthcare: Full body checkups include various tests and screenings that can help identify risk factors for common health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. By addressing these risk factors early, individuals can adopt preventive measures and lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of developing these conditions.

  3. Baseline Health Assessment: Routine full body checkups establish a baseline for your health. This baseline helps healthcare professionals track changes in your health over time. Comparing current results with past results allows for a better understanding of your overall health status and the detection of any deviations from the norm.

  4. Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle: Regular full body checkups provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to discuss and promote healthy lifestyle choices. This may include advice on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other factors that contribute to overall well-being.

  5. Screening for Silent Diseases: Certain diseases, such as hypertension or high cholesterol, may not present obvious symptoms until they have progressed significantly. Regular full body checkups often include screenings for these silent diseases, helping to identify and manage them before they cause serious health issues.

  6. Personalized Healthcare Plans: Regular full body health checkups enable healthcare providers to create personalized healthcare plans based on an individual's health history, risk factors, and current health status. This personalized approach can lead to more effective and targeted healthcare interventions.

  7. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you are regularly monitoring your health can provide peace of mind. It can alleviate anxiety about potential health issues and empower individuals to take control of their well-being. It's important to note that the frequency and specific tests included in a full body checkup may vary based on factors such as age, gender, family history, and individual health risk factors. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate screening and checkup schedule for your individual health needs.

Our Location

Our pathology lab is located in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. We offer a home sample collection service to provide you the comfort of being at home or the office. Book your home/office sample collection service at your convenient time (weekdays 7 am to 9 pm, Sunday 8 am to 1 pm). You may ask the phlebotomist for a free blood pressure check while providing your blood or urine sample. You can visit our lab to provide a semen sample for analysis, or for FNAC, or for a Pap smear test. We offer discounts on Full body Checkup, Regular Diabetes Checkup, Hair fall checkup and for various pathology tests. 


Dr. Sneha Chavarkar, possessing a fervent interest and zeal in the realm of Pathology, is a distinguished graduate of the renowned Mayo Hospital, Nagpur. Substantial experience in the hematology, cytology, and histopathology segments of the field is possessed by her, and her scholarly contributions extend to numerous national and international medical journals. 

PurpleTop Pathlabs, an initiative to channel her expertise and years of experience in pathology towards delivering accurate diagnostic services, was founded by Dr. Sneha Chavarkar.

Inhouse testing facilities, which differ from other collection centers, are provided by PurpleTop Pathlabs. PurpleTop Pathlabs is sought after by patients for its quick reports, accurate readings, reasonable rates, and free consultation from Dr. Sneha Chavarkar. Full body checkups, diabetes tests, anemia tests, and CBC tests are comparatively more affordable than other labs in Vashi. Home Sample Collection Service is offered to customers who are comfortable providing their blood or urine samples from their home or office.

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Free Home Sample Collection Service available at following locations

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Kopar Khairane Sec 2

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Services Offered by PurpleTop Pathlabs

Full Body Checkup Basic

Full Body Checkup Vital

Full Body Checkup Advanced

Women's full body checkup

Fever Profile Test - Normal

Fever Profile Test - Composite

Fever Profile Test - Advanced

Cardiac Health Checkup

Diabetes Care Tests

Liver Status Check

Full Body checkup with Nutrients level

Arthritis Check up

Semen Analysis Test

PCOD Tests

Hair Fall Tests - Male

Hair Fall Tests - Female

Bone Health Checkup

Anemia Tests


FNAC Tests / Cytology Tests

Pap Smear Tests

All sorts of Blood tests

All sorts of Urine test

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